Why Pitot Probe Covers are Essential for Aircraft Maintenance

Published on
February 24, 2024
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The pitot probe is a critical component that measures an aircraft's airspeed, making it essential to protect it from potential damage. Aviation authorities, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), recognize the importance of pitot probe covers in ensuring aircraft safety. Many manufacturers also recommend or even require the use of pitot probe covers during aircraft storage or ground operations. Let's dive into why these devices are indispensable for the maintenance of your aircraft.

Protection Against Foreign Object Damage (FOD)

One of the primary reasons why pitot probe covers are crucial is their ability to safeguard the probe from Foreign Object Debris (FOD). During aircraft ground operations, foreign objects such as debris, dirt, or even nesting insects can find their way into the pitot probe, obstructing its functionality. This can result in inaccurate airspeed readings, leading to potential safety hazards. By using pitot tube covers, your team can prevent FOD and maintain accurate airspeed measurements, ensuring the safety of both the aircraft and its passengers.

Prevention of Contamination

In addition to FOD, pitot probes are also susceptible to contamination. Environmental elements such as rain, snow, ice, or dust can accumulate on the probe's surface, interfering with its accurate measurement capabilities. Using pitot probe covers provides a protective barrier that shields the probe from these external elements, preventing contamination. By ensuring the cleanliness and integrity of the pitot probe, you’re able to maintain optimal performance and accuracy during flight operations.

Reduction of Maintenance Costs

By incorporating pitot probe covers into their aircraft maintenance routine, maintenance costs can be significantly reduced. Regular cleaning and inspection of pitot probes can be time-consuming and expensive. By using covers, your ground support team can mitigate the need for frequent cleaning, thereby saving both time and money. If you do need to replace a damaged pitot probe due to FOD or contamination, the cost can be substantial. Pitot tube covers act as a cost-effective preventive measure, extending the lifespan of the probe and reducing the risk of expensive repairs or replacements and their costs.

Extend Your Aircraft’s Lifespan With Sesame Technologies, Inc.

Pitot probe covers play a vital role in aircraft maintenance. By protecting pitot probes from FOD and environmental factors, these covers contribute to enhanced accuracy, reduced maintenance costs, and improved operational safety. If you’re looking for superior aviation ground support equipment, your search is over. From pitot probes to dehumidifiers, Sesame Technologies, Inc. provides the highest quality ground support technology in the market. Speak with a representative to learn more about our GSE.

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