Sesame Technologies, Inc. Launches New Executive Line

Published on
February 24, 2024
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For Immediate Release

Sesame Technologies, Inc.

Washington, NC - Sesame Technologies, Inc., a global leader in high-temperature ground support equipment has launched a new line of products, the Executive Series GSE. Announced and showcased at NBAA - Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), this new line of ground support products protects today’s high-performance, luxury elite aircraft. This product launch reinforces the company’s dedication to protecting aircraft and supporting the aviation community.

“We value our customer’s input, and we really enjoy conversing with them and talking about what ifs,” said Ryan Woolard, General Manager for Sesame Technologies, Inc., “We take all that to heart and we listen to them. That’s what drives us to continue to innovate and lead in the market.”

To make their products, the engineers at Sesame Technologies, Inc. utilize the highest quality materials commercially available so the finished products stand the test of time, overcome the elements, and continually push the industry forward. The advanced raw materials utilized at Sesame Technologies, Inc. require specialized equipment and work environments. To ensure their products remain free of FOD or contamination of any kind, all of their DuPont Kevlar® products are manufactured in a custom-built ISO class 8 cleanroom with the most sophisticated production equipment available. With their other products, they employ the use of DuPont Nomex®, carbon fiber, high-temperature silicones, aluminum, and other advanced polymer materials. Sesame Technologies, Inc. consistently pushes the limits with raw material combinations to ensure their products perform at the highest level.

The Executive GSE products included in this launch are:

  • Diamond Engine Shield EX
  • FTC-EX-102A Total Air Temperature Cover
  • IDC-EX Ice Detector Cover
  • SSWC-EX Static Wick Cover
  • SPC-EX Static Port Cover
  • AOA-5-EX Angle of Attack Vane Cover
  • AOA-EX-GUARD EX Angle of Attack Vane Guard
  • KPC5-EX DuPont Kevlar® Pitot Tube with Installation Handle
  • KPC6T-EX DuPont Kevlar® Pitot Tube with Tip Protection
  • IP100-EX-M EX Engine Shield Installation Pole
  • L-EX-A Sesame Safety Lanyard

“The Executive line of products was designed to provide premium protection for elite aircraft while on the ground. The Executive series is also designed to provide risk reduction and efficiency for the crews during pre and post-flight operations.” Sam Jarvis, Research & Development Engineer

With this new product line, Sesame Technologies, Inc. continues to be the world leader in high-temperature aviation ground support solutions. From a commercial OEM or a military crew gearing up for action, they strive to provide their clients with premier tools for the task at hand. The team at Sesame Technologies, Inc. is anticipating the future as they dive into a new sector of aviation ground support solutions.

About Sesame Technologies, Inc.

Sesame Technologies, Inc. is an aviation manufacturing company based in Washington, North Carolina, specializing in ground support equipment solutions for the aviation and aerospace industry. Their mission is to manufacture quality and cutting-edge GSE products and solutions for commercial aviation, the military, and beyond, providing solutions for over 500 aircraft today. Sesame Technologies, Inc. has a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing clients with unparalleled professional creative capabilities, superior quality control, bold innovation, and efficient and effective customer service. For more information about Sesame Technologies, Inc., visit

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