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Introducing the Sesame Technologies, Inc. Executive Series GSE

A new pioneering standard of protection for today's high performance, luxury elite aircraft.

Sesame Technologies, Inc. Product
Sesame Technologies, Inc. Product
Sesame Technologies, Inc. Product
Sesame Technologies, Inc. Product

Experience – from the avionics sensors to the engines, the Executive Series GSE offers a pre and post flight experience not seen before in our industry. Quick-connect lanyard systems to our first of its kind pole installable Diamond Engine Shield, the process of installing and removing your aircraft’s protective gear can now be efficient and safer than ever.

Protection – protect your aircraft and your flight crew. The Executive Series GSE line of products does just that. Carefully selected materials including DuPont Kevlar®, carbon fiber, 316L stainless steel, aircraft grade aluminum, and other solid phase polyamides have been intricately combined with industry leading installation and removal methods, providing an unmatched level of aircraft and ground crew protection even in the harshest of conditions.

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Sesame Safety Lanyard System

The Sesame Technologies Inc.'s Safety Lanyard System is a unique positive attachment lanyard system that is easily adapted to all Executive Series GSE. 


The SSWC-EX is a static wick cover that offers crucial protection to aircraft personnel from accidental injuries.


The AOA-EX-GUARD is a device which secures the AOA vane, preventing unwanted movement during routine ground maintenance or storage of the aircraft. 


The AOA-5-EX is a universal angle of attack cover that offers essential protection to the vane of the angle of attack (AOA) sensor. 


The SPC-EX-103 static port cover is designed to protect the static ports from damage or FOD intrusion during routine ground maintenance or storage of the aircraft. 


The IDC-EX is an ice detector cover (IDC) that offers reliable protection from accidental injuries to aircraft personnel and prevents damage to the ice detector sensor.


The FTC-EX-102A is a total air temperature (TAT) sensor cover that provides protection from potential damage and FOD intrusion to the TAT sensor. 


The KPC4T-EX offers probe tip protection for the Collins Aerospace SmartProbe® and is a great option for applications that do not require the Sesame Safety Lanyard System. 


The KPC5-EX is designed for that hard-to-reach pitot probe, eliminating the need for a step ladder.


The KPC6-EX offers premium protection for pitot probe sensors.


The KPC6T-EX offers vital pitot probe tip protection for the Collins Aerospace SmartProbe® and other Pitot probes requiring the same protection level.

IPEX Pitot Installation Adapter

The IP100-EX-Pitot Installation Adapter is an optional quick-connect tool for the IP100-EX Installation Pole.

IPEX Installation Pole

The IP100-EX-M Installation Pole is 3-section inverted pole equipped with a unique locking head for safe installation of the Diamond Engine Shield EX. 

Executive Engine Exhaust Barrier

The Executive Engine Exhaust Barrier is a great exhaust cover option for light to midsize aircraft that offer a lower install point at the rear of the aircraft. 

Diamond Engine Shield EX

The Diamond Engine Shield EX is an engine protection device that is designed to be safely installed by a single crew member from ground level. 
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Destructive Testing

Sesame Technologies, Inc. is rigorously conducting destructive testing on new aviation ground support solutions, ensuring the utmost reliability and safety standards. By subjecting prototypes to rigorous stress and failure simulations, we aim to guarantee unparalleled performance and durability in our products.