Aero-TV: Sesame Technologies to Debut Diamond Shield Engine Cover System

Published on
February 24, 2024
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Sesame Technologies is a North Carolina-based designer and manufacturer of aviation ground-support equipment. The company specializes in safety equipment germane to ground operations supporting executive, commercial, and military aircraft.

While Sesame Technologies’s extant products—which include covers for aircraft pitot probes and static ports, angle of attack vanes, ice detectors, total air temperature sensors, and drain masts—are eminently popular and in wide use, the company’s customers expressed need for an aero-engine-cover solution by which air-crews, ramp personnel, and maintenance technicians might be spared the risks inherent clambering up rickety ladders for purpose of stuffing old-style vinyl-and-foam plugs into engine inlets.

Ergo, in 2020, Sesame Technologies set to work developing what’s known today as the Diamond Shield engine cover, a highly-and-intelligently-engineered, intuitive, and easy-to-use engine-cover that differs as drastically from its forebears as Isaac Asimov from an Australopithecine.

In broad strokes, Sesame Technology’s Diamond Shield comprises a parasol-like, nine-member, articulating subframe overlaid with a durable, weatherproof material. The folded apparatus is raised into the engine inlet by dint of a long aluminum pole, which interfaces with a central hub-mechanism. Once the Diamond Shield cover is in place, the user rotates the pole, thereby extending the nine members after the fashion of an umbrella opening. As the Diamond Shield’s diameter increases, rubberized fittings at the distal ends of the articulating members contact the inner surface of the engine intake, securely-but-safely wedging the contraption in place. Once the cover is firmly in place, the user disconnects the pole from the hub, and uses the former to similarly install additional Diamond Shields into the remainder of the aircraft’s engines.

Sesame Technologies’ Diamond Shield is slated to hit the market in January 2024. Initial offerings will be compatible with numerous Bombardier and Cessna business jets and some of the smaller Gulfstream models. As the cover’s core architecture is scalable from 18- to approximately 84-inches, additional iterations specific to a wider range of business jets are planned.

Parties interested in learning more about Sesame Technologies’s products are invited to visit the company’s website.

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