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Since 1990, Sesame Technologies, Inc. has been passionate about the manufacturing quality of our cutting edge products. As a worldwide leader in our industry, we’ve gained a reputation for our professional creative capabilities, quick turnaround, superior quality control, and customer service.

Sesame Technologies, Inc. is a Licensee of The Boeing Company and has license rights to use Boeing proprietary data for the sale of high-temperature GSE products in support of Boeing aircraft.

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Introducing the Sesame Technologies, Inc. Executive Series GSE – a new pioneering standard of protection for today’s high performance, luxury elite aircraft.

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Sesame Technologies, Inc. Signature Products – a tried and true standard of protection for today’s commercial and military aircraft.

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Sesame Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to pioneering advancements in aviation ground support solutions. With a relentless focus on innovation, our cutting-edge technologies cater to the evolving needs of global industries, ensuring efficiency, safety, and sustainability in every aspect of ground support operations.

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A Leader in Manufacturing High-Temperature and Abrasion Resistant Aircraft Products

Sesame Technologies, Inc. excels in delivering top-tier solutions for the aerospace industry. Our unparalleled expertise and commitment to quality enable us to produce innovative components that withstand the most demanding conditions of flight. With a relentless focus on precision engineering and advanced materials, we ensure that our products enhance aircraft performance, durability, and safety, setting the standard for excellence in aviation technology.

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