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  • The AOA-EX-GUARD is a device which secures the AOA vane, preventing unwanted movement during routine ground maintenance or storage of the aircraft. 
  • The sleek, low-profile, carbon fiber device will secure most all vane sensors and allows for ease of storage when not in use. 
  • The AOA-EX-GUARD’s heavy-duty lever suction cups easily secure to the aircraft and the Guard will conform to the contour of the aircraft. 
  • Requires no fuselage modification upon installation.
  • The high-temperature silicone vane cushion protects the AOA vane from damage or unwanted movement and will not damage or scratch the vane nor the aircraft. 
  • Pre-fitted with positive attachments for Sesame Technologies’ Safety Lanyard System, ensuring a secure connection with all Executive Series GSE products.
  • Will secure sensor vanes manufactured by Rosemount, Conrac, Teledyne, Sextant, Kollsman, Gianni, Ametek, Gates, Safeflight, Topp, and many more.
  • Outfitted with a NAS1756 approved warning streamer. 
  • Manufactured under ISO9001 and AS9100D quality assurance requirements.
  • Meets CFR 25.853 requirements, test data is available upon request.
  • Please contact Sesame Technologies, Inc. or your local distributor for product fitment information.