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Why Static Port Covers Are Critical for Aircraft Safety

Aircraft owners who prioritize the proper usage of aircraft static port covers improve the aircraft's reliability. By understanding their role and implementing best practices, operators can ensure that these critical components from Sesame Technologies, Inc. live up to their functionality, promoting safe and secure air travel.

Ground Support Equipment Maintenance Tips for Pitot Probe Covers

By following these maintenance tips, you can ensure that your pitot probe covers are in excellent condition and capable of effectively safeguarding the pitot probes.

How Ice Detector Sensor Covers Improve Safety in Aviation Operations

Ice detector sensor covers are essential for detecting ice buildup on aircraft during flight. Sesame Technologies, Inc. details the importance of ice detector sensor covers for aircraft safety in our blog.

The Ultimate Guide to Aircraft Pitot Tube Covers

Sesame Technologies, Inc. covers everything you need to know about pitot tube protection. Visit our blog to read more about pitot tube covers and how they work to protect your aircraft.

Contaminated pitot tubes before 737 freighter’s unreliable airspeed indications

The flight crew of a 737 freighter were presented with unreliable flight data information two days after the aircraft’s pitot probes were contaminated during maintenance, an ATSB investigation details.

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