Over the company’s 30-year history, Sesame Technologies, Inc. has set the standard for Pitot tube covers and other aviation ground support products worldwide.

It all began in late 1989, when Ernie Jefferson and Sue Faircloth-Jefferson discovered the need for high-temperature Pitot tube covers for specialized aircraft. Not knowing exactly what product design was needed, the couple experimented with different materials at their home in Raleigh, North Carolina. Through several variations of designs, Ernie and Sue settled on fiberglass material as their base, and the couple began sewing the material into a specific shape that would adequately mate to a Pitot tube.

On July 2, 1990, Ernie and Sue incorporated Sesame Technologies, Inc. S-E-S-A-M-E stands for Sue & Ernie Sewing And Manufacturing Enterprise.

Sesame went to market with the newly designed and patented Pitot tube cover and it quickly became a wanted product in the aviation industry. For the first several years, Sue did the assembly and sewing in their spare bedroom in their Raleigh apartment. As demand grew, the couple moved production to a home workshop on Hubs Rec Road in Belhaven, NC. Working at their home lasted a while longer until more employees and more space were needed. Out of necessity, the growing business moved to a new building on Seed Tick Neck Road in Pinetown, N.C. in 1999.

Through the years, additional designs and patents were developed. In 2000, the base material design of fiberglass was replaced with Kevlar®. It was also during this time that Ernie and Sue began to produce heat resistance covers for the automotive industry. In 2010, the company moved to a larger facility on River Road in Washington, N.C.

In January 2020, Ernie and Sue retired from Sesame Technologies, Inc. after a long and successful 30-year run. The company was purchased by David Singleton and Ryan Woolard.

Today, Sesame Technologies, Inc. continues to be a solution-oriented company that lives up to its worldwide reputation for professional creative capabilities, quick turnaround, superior quality control, and outstanding customer service. The company designs and manufactures a wide range of products with emphasis on high-temperature protection and abrasion resistance.  These innovative products are used in a variety of global industries – some with unique requirements. Sesame Technologies, Inc. works with aircraft manufacturers including military, commercial airlines, international freight carriers and marine parts manufacturers.


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